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Turmeric Manufacturer and Exporter in India


Product Information:

The main quality of turmeric Manufacturer & Exporter in India is called as Rajapuri which is produced in Sangli, Maharashtra. Masala manufacturers mainly use it due to its saffron color. The second main quality is Salem Gattha which is produced in Salem, Tamilnadu and that is why its name is pronounced as Salem Gattha.

Rajapuri Quality is also a known quality and attracts the Masala manufacturer besides the Salem variety. But the production of this quality is low at ~2lakh bags. Both Rajapuri and Salem quality fetch higher prices. The third quality is produced in Messer, Karnataka and called as Godal Patte. It is considered slightly inferior in quality to the former 2. The fourth quality – the Finger quality gets its name from its shape – which looks like a human finger. Major producing states are Tamil Nadu, AP, Maharashtra. Karnataka, Orissa, Meghalaya, Bihar, and Assam are the main turmeric producing areas. Moreover, Erode, Selam and Rajapur are the main trading place. Other producing countries are Myanmar and China. Turmeric manufacturer and Exporter in India.

Total production of these states is around 2.50 lakh bags in which Meghalaya production is higher at around 100000 bags while the other states contribute for 50000 bags each. Sowing starts in July while the main arrival time in February.

In 2008, total production of turmeric was around 4200000 bags while in 2009, it is expected to touch the level of around 45-5000000 bags. Total consumption is around 4500000 bags which include both export and domestic demand.

India is the largest producer and exporter of turmeric powder. Bangladesh, Pakistan, Taiwan, Srilanka, Burma are other significant producers of turmeric powder. The US is the largest exporter of turmeric, India provides 90 % of the US demand, followed by Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh.

ATC Group is one of the best Turmeric manufacturer and Exporter in India.

Specification for Turmeric Whole

Type: Finger/Bulbs – Polished or Unpolished
Flexibility: Hard
Broken pieces (fingers<15mm): < 5 %
Foreign matter: < 1 %
Defectives: < 3 %
Percentage of bulbs by weight: < 4 % Starch content, max, w/w: 60 %
Curcumin content: 4 – 5 %
Moisture: 10%
Total ash: 7%
Lead as PPB: 2.5
Chromate test: Negative
Acid-insoluble ash: 2.5%

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